Why Babushka Heaven?

Babushka Heaven was the title of my first blog post. Technically, it was my second. My first post was titled, Two Things I Love.

Two Things I Love
Beer and that fucking flying creature from The NeverEnding Story.

Let’s move on.

If you’re still confused about or interested in Why Babushka Heaven, read the following:

Babushka Heaven is a heaven full of old women who wear babushkas (which are those bandana things that old women wear). My grandma used to wear one. My sister and I thought it was hilarious. Anyway, one day when I was working at Big Lots, it was raining outside and every old woman that entered the store was wearing a babushka. I thought that was funny, so when I returned home, I logged onto MySpace and wrote my first, I mean second, blog post.

I have been writing ever since.