Idaho Move Day 2

I woke up around 4:50 a.m. this morning. The house I stayed at was across the street from some train tracks. The owner warned me about the train.

“I’m used to it,” he said. “Pretty much sleep through it.”

Since I’m a fairly light sleeper, I figured I would wake up and fall back asleep. No. Big. Deal. I did wake up when the train rolled through, but I couldn’t fall back asleep. I basically laid there with my eyes closed (while my mind did this thing it likes to do where people I don’t know have random conversations about subjects that I can never remember) until I got up around 7, planned my day, took a shower, and left at 9.


Whenever I enter my car, I feel like an astronaut entering a spaceship. I’ve told two or three people that and I don’t think they get the reference. Isn’t the piloting area in spaceships super crammed?

3, 2, 1, blastoff!


The rest of Minnesota was pretty much farm fields. I listened to music most of the time. Since a lot of my good CDs were stolen when someone broke into my car in Chicago, I was stuck listening to my not-so-good CDs.

More wind turbines:


I wasn’t feeling the drive today. It was probably due to my lack of sleep. Sleeping in a stranger’s house was somewhat weird. The guy didn’t even spend the night there. He stayed with his girlfriend. I liked having the house to myself, but what am I supposed to do in a stranger’s house? I’m not one of those people who makes themselves at home. Even when someone tells me, “Make yourself at home,” I don’t make myself at home. Whatever the case, it was a good experience. Whenever I travel I try to do things that put me outside my comfort zone.


Where I lived in Chicago, one of the nearby streets was Montrose. Is South Dakota telling me to go back home?


I love driving out west because the speed limits are so high. This is probably due to less traffic. I would love to have no speed limits anywhere but we (society) need restrictions in life because without them people will go wild.




I saw a sign that said Mitchell. If you don’t know. Mitchell is the last name of the character in my first novel. Not many people care about that novel. I had such unrealistic ideas when it came to writing for many, many years. I’m glad to have gone through the process of self-publishing a book and not many people caring. People are so busy that I don’t know how they have time for anything. Especially to buy and read a book that some nobody spent over five and a half years obsessing over to the point of madness!


When I reached Mitchell, I took the exit, not because of the name but because Mitchell is home of the World’s only Corn Palace.

As I drove through the tiny city streets, I created the ultimate Corn Palace in my mind. And it was fabulous. I don’t typically use that word, fabulous, but if you could see what I had imagined you’d understand. Corn stalk walls. Kernel floors. Popcorn throne. A livable palace made completely of corn and fit for a king! Or queen. Or prince. Who lives in palaces?

When I approached the Corn Palace, I was pretty disappointed. The outside was just some square brick building with some corn glued on.


The sides of the building were actually pretty cool.


The woman in the photo below was just as shocked as I was to find out the Corn Palace was not a Corn Palace at all but a theater/gymnasium filled with a bunch of crappy souvenirs.


Back on the road, I hit construction. I got stuck behind this stupid van/bus combo thing that was going way below the speed limit. The posted was 65 mph and they were doing like 50. I can’t stand slow drivers. The construction lasted 14 miles. Good thing I was listening to Brownsville Girl by Bob Dylan (one of my good CDs that wasn’t stolen), which is like a 12 minute song.


Not much else happens in South Dakota…until you get to the BADLANDS!


To enter the Badlands National Park cost $15. I don’t know how poor people survive or why they aren’t more pissed at rich people for experiencing all this cool stuff that costs money.


Lots of awesome places to hike and explore. I wish I had more time. Didn’t feel like hiking by myself and wasn’t dressed in the appropriate gear. I don’t have legit hiking gear but you typically need some solid hiking shoes, shades, hat, backpack, and water.


One more picture.


I basically saved you like $15 by showing you those few pictures. I should ask for some money to make up for the entrance fee, but instead I’m going to give you one final gift.


*If you can’t tell what that is, it’s a cute little prairie dog

After the Badlands, I finally got some food. I went to two prior Subways earlier and they were packed. If you’re going to open a Subway, open it in South Dakota. Trust me.

I basically ate my way through the rest of South Dakota.


Hello, Wyoming. Good to see you.


I was going to stay at another Air BnB place but couldn’t find one near my stopping point that was reasonably priced. Instead, I went with a Best Western that cost $120 and has the WORST Internet EVER!!!


The woman running the desk told me that if I wanted food I should go early because they close early. She also said that if I am wandering around outside after 10 p.m. that the door will be locked, but I can open it with my key card. She then gave me a wink.

Around 7 p.m., I ordered takeout at the Ponderosa Cafe.


For all you people who enjoy taking/looking at pictures of food, here’s what I ordered:


How the fuck does a town of 383 people have more advanced ketchup packets that every other fucking town!!!???


There you have it. Day 2. I am beyond tired. There are no train tracks across the street so I should sleep fine. Tomorrow I am staying at another Air BnB. Also going to Devil’s Tower.

Countdown to blastoff approximately t-minus 10 hours


jay pic


Hey, YOU!

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  1. AvatarJoanna Trotter

    If you haven’t seen the film Missouri Breaks rent it sometime. Did not get great reviews but for some reason I love it. It stars: Jack Nicholson & Marlon Brando, first time together & having fun with each other & playing with their roles. I’m not sure why I posting this I think you’re badlands thing reminded me of it. Also a film Badlands with maybe Martin Sheen. Loving your “travel diary”

  2. AvatarEileen Donohue

    I’m taking a road trip with the family next week- the scenic route to Colorado. We’re going through Badlands and Black Hills- stopping overnight in Mitchell. So what I mean is, THANKS for the Corn Palace tip. Good to know, and will not even mention it to my kids!

    1. jlsarnajlsarna

      Very nice! The Badlands were great! Lots of hiking to do out there, so if you guys like to do there bring some sunscreen and water. You can walk all over. Wish I had more time. That will be a very cool trip. Have fun!!

  3. AvatarIris

    I second the Badlands film recommendation. When I was very young, my parents and I went on the trip to the badlands in Alberta. Sadly, I remember very little of it.

    I’d find the corn palace impressive.

    For all it counts, I’m reading your book. It’s a slow process with my being tired most days but I am reading it.

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