Idaho Move Day 1

Today I left home to attend graduate school in Idaho. Took me about three days to pack. Threw a ton of stuff away. Didn’t think I would fit everything I wanted in my car but I somehow managed. I took off around 10:30 a.m. For the past few weeks, I’ve been saying goodbye to people and I was getting sick of it. The anticipation of the move took forever. Just wanted it done with. Sad to leave friends and family but I have run out of options. I also want to take my writing to the next level.

photo 1

There was a lot of construction on I-90. Ever few miles there would be a sign that read 45 mph. No one was traveling 45 mph. Sometimes the sign would blink your speed: 52 52 52. Other times it would just flash: SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN.

I thought traffic would disperse once I entered Wisconsin, but it didn’t. I think everyone was going to the Dells or something. I told my friend I was talking with on the phone that I was thinking about stopping off at Noah’s Arc. I said it as a joke but after I said it, it didn’t sound like a bad idea. Then again. Going to the movies by myself is one thing, but going to a water park by myself is a whole other story.

In La Crosse, Wisconsin, traffic finally broke up some and I could see hills.

photo 2

La Crosse looked very nice. Hilly. Trees. The awesome farm below which I wish I took more pictures of but traveling and taking pictures with your phone is difficult. I wondered if a cop would give me a ticket for that. While moving out of my apartment in Chicago, I got a ticket for parking in the alleyway. Long story short, a garbage man called the cops on me because he said I refused to move my car (we never talked and the only interaction we had was me giving him a “do you want me to move” hand gesture and him giving me a “you’re okay, buddy” hand wave) and the cops gave me a ticket. I was pretty upset but became less upset when I saw the cop wrote down the wrong license plate number.

Here’s that farm I was talking about:

photo 3

Crossing into Minnesota there was construction along the Mississippi River.

photo 4

The construction along the Mississippi reminded me of this Down song, Ghosts Along the Mississippi so I sang to myself the chorus and changed the words from “The Ghosts Along the Mississippi” to “The Construction Along the Mississippi.”

If you never heard that song and want to listen, watch the video below:

I love the Mississippi. I don’t know why but I love that river. The thing travels down to the Gulf of Mexico! That idea is so cool to me. Would love to boat that whole thing. Here’s the best picture I could snap while driving:

3photo 1

Before being accepted into graduate school, I was contemplating possible career options. Since most career options don’t appeal to me, I become frustrated and depressed at the thought. Awhile ago I saw an OVERSIZED LOAD on the highway and thought about applying to become one of those people who drives the cars in front and back of those big trucks carrying those big loads.

3photo 3

The best part of driving across country is when the road opens up and there’s nothing but miles and miles of open road in front of you.

3photo 4

Someone told me that wind turbines travel much faster than they look and are known for chopping birds in half. Maybe I just made this up. Either way, a revolution takes about 4 or 5 seconds.

3photo 5

I drove about 6 hours straight or 407 miles. I could have kept going if I didn’t have to fill up for gas. I was really in the zone.

1photo 1

One of my favorite parts of being on the road. Gas station snacks.

1photo 2

I was going to go the typical hotel route but was told by a friend to check out this Air BnB website. It’s basically a site where people offer up their homes for you to say in for a cheaper price than a hotel. I planned on getting a hotel because I didn’t feel like dealing with that sort of situation but couldn’t find one for cheap. Ended up booking an Air BnB in Worthington, Minnesota. $50. Private room. Shower. TV with DIRECTV. And the owner was super nice.

Check out that bath towel with hotel sized Shampoo and Conditioner!

1photo 3


2photo 4

AND inspirational writing on the walls like:

1photo 5

After settling in, I drove into town to get some food. I parked alongside Okabena Lake and snapped a photo:

2photo 1

I ordered takeout from this Chinese restaurant called the Panda House. The Air BnB owner told me it was pretty good. Got the #2 Dinner which was a variety of 3 entrees and rice. And a fortune cookie, of course.

2photo 2

I took advantage of the DIRECTV and watched some Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. They showcased two restaurants in San Diego, so I sent a text to my friend who lives in San Diego the names of the restaurants. Hodad’s and O.B. Noodle House.

2photo 3

I am now getting ready to sleep. I have another 500 miles or so to drive tomorrow. Looking forward to the rest of the trip. I would write more but I am getting tired. If you are wondering where the owner is, he is at his girlfriend’s place, which is like two doors down. Basically have the house to myself. Can’t beat if for $50. Way better than getting a hotel. Oh shit. The Air BnB owner just came into the room. He has a knife and…some cake. What a nice guy!


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