Death can happen quick. I think about it. I am not one of those poeple who says, let’s live out everyday because I think that’s a bullshit phrase and does nothting but pisses people off. I am more of the, let me try not to die and not worry so much about things that don’t matter. The living everyday like it’s your last is just impossible and illogical. Lots of positive people illogicial. Negative too. Basicaly any extreme of any kind makes you an annoying asshole in my book. But that’s just me and my book is very detailed on how to be as a human being. All throughout life I have been writing these societial rules and I am forming ways to counter argue anyone who goes against them. Most of it deals with logical and rationality.

You go on someone’s facebook and see this death. I have a problem when people die to look on their facebook and stare at all the pictures while in inner monologue plays, this person is dead, this person is dead. In their pictures they are so alive and now they are dead. I think about the pain they must have felt and feel a deep sadness over this and their friends and family and everyone else effected by this persons death. but we’re interested in that stuff. Death stuff. And this facebook will be this living memory of her. and sometimes if you write dumb ass posts that will be it. If I went to dunkin donuts before I died and posted: at the Double D getting my coffee and chocolat long john. and then I die. that’s going to be the last thing people think of. Me at dunkin donuts gettting

scares me and makes me try to be more safe and try to do little things because you can’t just turn your life around, you have work and responsibilties, etc. You cant just go skydiving one day,  and go hike mount everast the next and so on and so on. You will have no money. We are trapped as human beings in this emotions casket and when we die we get a real casket, or some of us get burned and placed in a little tin cup.

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